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Staying one step ahead in the dynamic world of gastronomy requires education, innovation and passion.

GAFA, centrally located in the heart of the 1st district, offers a unique combination of theory and practical teaching that trains our graduates to become leading experts in the hospitality industry.

In this article, you will learn 20 compelling reasons why GAFA is the ideal school for aspiring hospitality professionals.

1. practice-oriented learning

At GAFA, we attach great importance to practical experience. Our students complete more practical hours than at other hospitality colleges and do so in fully equipped restaurant kitchens - as realistically as possible.

Learn from the best! Our teaching staff have years of experience in top gastronomy businesses and regularly take part in further training to pass on the latest knowledge to our students.

Our location in the historic 1st district, where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived in 1783, not only offers cultural enrichment, but also a safe environment for our students. The proximity to our most important catering partners and short distances to regular practice events are further advantages of our central location.

The success stories of our graduates speak for themselves. Many former GAFA students have established themselves in the world of top gastronomy. They include personalities such as Lukas Mraz, Matthias Birnbach and Stefan Doubek, who now work in leading restaurants around the globe. Their careers confirm the excellence of our training and serve as inspiration for current students.

Our students can learn three apprenticeships during the three-year technical college and also receive an immediate trade license, which paves the way for them to become self-employed. As a fully trained chef, restaurant specialist and office clerk, many doors are open to our graduates.

The advanced course enables our students to obtain their Matura with a university entrance qualification in three years. Practical and theoretical content such as culinary management, leadership and innovation management prepare them for future management positions in the catering and hotel industry.

Our Patisserie Masterclass is a one-year special training course that is only available from us throughout Europe. Our students can expect excellent guest lecturers from the field as well as comprehensive training in line with current requirements. The degree qualifies students to apply for the 'WIFI Apprentice Trainer'.

At the GAFA, we offer a variety of additional qualifications such as young sommelier, young bartender, barista, vegan/vegetarian specialist and more. Additional training enhances the skills of our students and improves their career opportunities.

Our school not only offers traditional teaching content, but also additional courses in food photography and filming, social media management and helping to design the school's social media channels in order to learn how to present their own business on social media. This gives our students a head start in the modern world of gastronomy and tourism.

Our students regularly and extremely successfully take part in national and international cooking and service competitions. This experience is an excellent preparation for professional challenges.

Thanks to our high reputation, students from all over the world visit us. With internships abroad in renowned gastronomy businesses, intensive language weeks and cultural days, we also set a strong example for internationality and promote the international skills of our students in order to prepare them optimally for global career requirements.

Our all-day lessons offer full catering with two menu options, including drinks, bread and salad buffet - everything is served, there is no self-service. The students prepare their own fresh, silver-certified organic lunch every day.

GAFA is not only an educational institution, but also a pioneer in sustainability. We won the City of Vienna's Sustainability Award in 2023 and the Apprentice Olympics in India in 2024 and work closely with leading partners in the catering industry to promote environmentally conscious practices.

Our success and the quality of our training are also reflected in our school's first-class partnerships. We work closely with renowned chefs and restaurants - including the likes of Konstantin Filippou and Gault&Millau - who bring the latest trends and expertise directly into our teaching kitchens.

  1. Events

We are particularly proud of the numerous events that our students regularly successfully organize together with experts from the upscale gastronomy sector. The former Life Ball, the Vienna Wiesn Festival, the Gault&Millau Genuss-Messe and the Sporthilfe Gala are just a few examples of the events we supervise where our students gain valuable practical experience.

We work closely with the parents of our students and provide a supportive community that promotes the success of each individual.


At GAFA, every kitchen is equipped with professional equipment and high-quality branded appliances that meet the standards of leading catering establishments.

Our services also include medical and psychological support from a school doctor and a school psychologist.

We recognize exceptional performance and reward our students for outstanding success with a bonus payment. In addition, we support our students and, in the event of a one-off failure, the school association covers the additional school fees for the following year.

Since our foundation in 1956, we have combined traditional knowledge with innovative teaching methods. This makes us one of the leading hospitality schools in the Vienna area. It is not without reason that the school has played an important role in Vienna's gastronomic education since 1869.


GAFA is more than just a school; we are a community ready to educate the next generation of foodservice professionals. With our deep-rooted history, comprehensive hands-on approach and innovative spirit, we are the best starting point for a career in the hospitality industry.

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