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AUL with theory & practice to the Matura in no time at all

The Matura in three years. With our advanced course for tourism, you increase your future opportunities in several ways. You learn practical and theoretical skills. We always keep these up-to-date in our tourism school and orient ourselves to international and national trends.

Your training includes:

Take your future into your own hands

We do everything in our power to make your professional future a success. A degree from our advanced course in tourism is a sure ticket to a national or international career in hospitality and tourism businesses.

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All about the advanced course for tourism

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Tourism School Advanced Course

In our three-year advanced course, which concludes with a maturity and diploma examination (Matura), culinary art meets management. The three-year course combines renowned and internationally recognized practical training in the areas of cuisine, service and patisserie with management skills and a sound general education.

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Matura and self-employment

Successful business start-up and management in the catering and hotel industry has to be learned. Our advanced course provides essential expertise in the following areas:

With the Matura in your pocket, you can of course continue your education at a university or university of applied sciences at home or abroad.

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Promote talents

In addition to a sound business education, we also want to strengthen you in your personal development. Our advanced training course promotes

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Career springboard advanced training course

Graduates of the advanced course have the world at their feet. They are excellently educated, have the skills and abilities to become self-employed, to work in senior positions in the hotel or catering industry, or to attend a university or university of applied sciences thanks to the Matura they have earned.

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Varied everyday school life at a location steeped in history

Centrally located in the heart of downtown Vienna, the hospitality school's advanced course offers a rich program:

There are three steps to registering for a school place: