Of the House of Viennese Innkeepers

The history of the House of Viennese Innkeepers

Originally, there were two buildings at the address Judenplatz 3-4, 1010 Vienna. In 1875 the two buildings were bought by the Cooperative of Innkeepers of Vienna and in 1895 they were replaced by the present house designed by the architect Ludwig Schöne. A memorial plaque commemorates the apartment of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who lived in an apartment on the third floor from 1783 - 1784.

History of the Gastgewerbefachschule am Judenplatz - the GAFA

Since 1869, the house has played an essential role in gastronomic education. All the major gastronomic schools in the Vienna area were housed in this building. Today, the House of Viennese Gastronomy is home to the renowned Gastgewerbefachschule with the Höhere Lehranstalt für Tourismus and the Patisserie Lehrgang.

GAFA was founded in 1956 as the "Private Wiener Gastwirte Fach- und Kochschule".

The three-year technical school developed splendidly from the beginning and the number of students grew steadily. The first patisserie course started in 1992. Since 1995, there has been an advanced course for tourism and gastronomy management with a Matura degree.

Among the directors of the school were Eduard Mayer, the famous television chef Franz Zodl, the current director of the module Werner Schnabl and director Werner Sedlacek.

Director David Grandegger has been responsible for leading GAFA since 2022.
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