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The private school Gafa

The school management of the private school GAFA


david grandegger bed directorate gafa

David Grandegger, BEd

"Whether classic or modern, there is only one cuisine: "La Bonne", the good cuisine! On my menu there is a quote from van Gogh: The simple is the difficult."

Paul Bocuse

That is also my motto in all situations in life. A lot of modern things overshadow everyday life and we have forgotten to appreciate the classic. I am a director with full commitment and would like to shape the path of GAFA in a new, modern and forward-looking way.


gafa management board

Peter Fallnbügl, BEd

The House of Viennese Innkeepers, its history and the family associated with it have inspired me for almost 30 years. An exciting professional field in a fast-moving time requires a profound education, from the basis to personality development to practice and one's own creativity. With responsibility and flexibility into a common future.


prof maga getraud arthold administrator

Prof. Maga. Gertraud Arthold

In the spirit of J. W. von Goethe, the students should take two things with them during their education at Judenplatz: Roots and wings - a solid intellectual and practical basis as a prerequisite for curious exploratory behavior and a self-confident spirit of innovation, in order to be able to take advantage of all opportunities for successful professional advancement.