Gastgewerbefachschule, 1010 Wien

Syllabus of Instruction

Required subjects Hours
01. Pastry and Practical Training (including job-specific theoretical seminar, 2 lessons) 20
02. Job-specific drawing techniques 3
03. Job-specific foreign language tuition (English and French, 1.5 lessons each) 3
04. Cold Kitchen and Kitchen Art (3 lessons each, every two weeks) 3
05. Industrial Hygiene and Technology / Industrial Psychology / Occupational Pedagogics (1.5 lessons each) 3
06. Computing for Business Purposes 2
07. Nutrition Science 3
Total 37
Our type of school has been set up for students who are showing great talent in the field of pastry art and who would like to develop and acquire skills that will enable them to compete easily with international standards. This course provides in-depth further training – and this is the reason why it takes 7 months to cover all the crucial areas of instruction. At the end of the last month students will receive a final report that will contain all the marks so far. After that, students will be allowed to enter the final exams. There will be a practical and an oral theoretical exam. In the field of Job-specific Drawing Techniques students will have to prepare their assignments outside class – according to given topics and drafts. After completing this preparation stage students have to produce their own masterpieces.