Gastgewerbefachschule, 1010 Wien

You can apply for admission by sending us the completed registration form.

Term of application: from October of the year before school starts until End of January

Please feel free to take a look at the school by paying us a visit during class time: Monday to Thursday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

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Admission Criteria

Applicants must have passed the apprentice-leave exam in either of the following professions:

Confectioner, cook or baker.

Admission can also be granted to graduates from Secondary Technical and Vocational Colleges, Post-Secondary Colleges of Vocational Teacher Training or Secondary Technical and Vocational Schools whose field of study is related to the above-mentioned professions.

The supervisor of the course and the school proprietor will make the decision concerning qualification and acceptance. The training contract will be based on private law and will include the course statutes, the school leaflet and the rules of the house. Finally, applicants will be invited for a personal interview with the supervisor in April or May.

Admission Criteria for Non-Austrians

Non-Austrian applicants must have a reasonable command of German. They must have passed their apprenticeship-leave exam or they must be graduates from the above-mentioned schools or colleges. The supervisor of the course will make the decision concerning qualification and acceptance. If a personal interview is not possible, however, the applicant can also start the course as a probationary student.



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