Gastgewerbefachschule, 1010 Wien

The Patisserie - Masterclass (PAT)

Young people who have completed their job-relevant training – e.g. they are certified cooks, bakers or confectioners – can get their first class "finishing" at our institute in both traditional and modern dessert pastry art. The training offered at the Institute for Pastry Art Vienna is unique in Europe. Its artistic and practical attitude has already led to great popularity in the international catering trade. The course is supplemented by a modern and praxis-oriented theoretical training. (By the way, on referring to participants as "young people" we certainly do not limit ourselves to certain age groups!)

Our Patisserie Course mainly focuses on practical training. This training aims at dealing with prominent aspects of the Austrian tourist industry, that is, participants learn how to work on an independent basis – and they are trained to carry out successful personnel management tasks.

The language of instruction is Deutsch. However, students are trained to use basic job-related vocabulary in English and French.

This 7-month course implies basic knowledge in pastry art. Starting from there, participants will subsequently build up new know-how in the field of Austrian and international pastry art. Being a pastry cook involves an artistic attitude. Ultimate commitment is as important as sensitivity and the determination to achieve at least one new goal every day.

The cold and warm desserts, the "Süß- and Mehlspeisen", are one of the main attractions of the Viennese catering tradition – and therefore of the Austrian cuisine. Ladies and gentlemen who know how to wave the magic wand of both the Austrian and international pastry art effectively, will make their way up the international career ladder without any difficulties.